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Peruse Pittwater Mayor Jacqui Townsend’s possessions at the Car Boot Jumble Sale

“I’m a big believer in recycling items and I ­encourage people to go through their things, have a good think about what they do and don’t need and sell at Council’s car boot sale, or register their own garage sale,” Cr Townsend said. More than ...


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Titchefield Indoor Car Boot Sale

Indoor Car Boot (Table top) Sale Every Friday at Titchfield Community Hall. Must book for table before day. Not weather dependant so come every week to sell or pick up bargains rain or shine! Sellers can arrive and un pack at 9.30 buyer free until 10am ...


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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

4/20. David Harper and Christina Trevanion go head to head at a car-boot sale in Buckinghamshire, as they try to find goods they can sell on for a profit at auction. However, David struggles to find any genuine antiques, while Christina's sister takes her ...


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London Car Boot Sale

Join the London car boot community on Facebook! It's Free for all buyers and sellers and you can do it form home. Simply click my Facebook group website, sign in and ask to join thousands of members today. Facebook Group URL: ...


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Car boot sales

Sandwell Council classifies car boot sales as markets, under common law, and regulates them by exercising its Market Rights. If you wish to operate a car boot sale, within the Borough of Sandwell, then you must first obtain Council permisssion. Permission ...


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