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Car Boot of the Month June 2013 - Amazing Ardleigh, Essex

 Being a follower of the trend in the 80s, and with vacant land that drained really well, the Amazing Ardleigh Car Boot sale opened its gates to buyers and sellers  27 years ago and is still going strong.  Sellers number in the hundreds with buyers in the thousands.

Particularly busy on Bank Holiday weekends, and when the sun is shining, there have been occasions when the field has been nearly full of sellers.

Having been open for so many years the Ardleigh Car Boot Sale is on good terms with the local authorities and even appear on their recycling page, although trouble was on the horizon when they advertised their website with daffodils (for which they made the national dailies!).

Over the years car boot sales have grown and become more popular; people love a bargain and the most unusual item that they have seen was a complete divers suit including helmet, lead filled boots and an hand operated pump.

The family run site, with its own dedicated team, have heard visitors to say that there is a fun, family atmosphere to the sale, helped by the great bargains that can be found.  Also, because of the good drainage of the field they are always there - they are not put off by a bit of rain!

Advertising is through word of mouth, local newspapers, occasionally TV programmes and through their own website, and of course CarBootJunction.  Further information can be found at

Car Boot Junction Supports Malpasso in Rwanda Project

What's it all about?

This summer Car Boot Junction is supporting Malpasso in Rwanda, a project helping the widows and orphans of the Rwanda genocide. On July 15th Malpasso Consultancy in collaboration with Solace Ministries UK are taking a team of volunteers to the community of Nyamata, approximately 22 miles due south of Kigali (capital), in the district of Bugesera.

Malpasso in Rwanda

Once there they will spend nine days building two duplex houses, in addition to providing much needed support, aid and materials to the local school and community.

To learn more about this important and worthwhile cause click on the following links:

This project is about more than just bricks and mortar however. 

The women, children and school are in desperate need of supplies and we are helping those involved to fill a C130 Hercules plane with the following items:

•  Underwear(bras in particular) 
•  Women’s clothing 
•  Children’s clothing
•  Toothpaste and toothbrushes
•  Books
•  Pencils and other stationery
•  Linen
•  Footballs and pumps
•  Baseball caps
•  Children’s toys and games

NB Please do not donate battery operated/electronic toys or military style toys i.e. toy soldiers, guns, dressing up uniforms, army vehicles etc.

How can you help?

To support this project we are reaching out to our car boot friends and asking them to look on their stalls over the coming weekends and ask themselves if there is anything that can be donated. There may even be unsold items at the end of the weekend which would normally get skipped, but the widows and orphans in Rwanda would be extremely grateful for.malpasso in rwanda

All we ask is that you put some of these items to one side and arrange to get them to us. If you are in Dorset or South Hants we can arrange a collection. Outside of these areas all we ask is that you donate a little of your time to put the items in a suitable packet/box and take them to the post office, and then donate the cost of posting them to the following address:

Malpasso in Rwanda
c/o Car Boot Junction
34 Coventry Close
Corfe Mullen
BH21 3UP

Once received, the Car Boot Junction team will sort and inventory all the items and ensure they reach the central collection point in time for loading on to the Hercules. Please include your name and address so that we can thank you for your contribution. 

NB All packages must be received by the 30th June 2013 to ensure we have time to get them documented, transported and loaded on to the Hercules.

Alternative ways to help

If you don’t have any suitable items and/or wish to help in another way you can do so through the Buy a Brick scheme where you can buy a brick for £10.00 which can be split many ways, so you can with your friends donate as little or as much as you like. To Buy A Brick click on the following link:

Alternatively, just make an affordable donation at the Rwanda in Malpasso Just Giving page.

If you have any questions please email or call our support line on 0333 456 5424. Thank you for your support.

Car Boot of the Month May 2013 - Stonham Barns, Suffolk


Located in Stonham Aspal, near Stowmarket, Suffolk, the Stonham Barns Covered and Uncovered provides a different car booting experience.

Open all year round on a Sunday morning (although not a really early start!) there are covered and uncovered stalls available.  The newly covered stalls (price includes a table) even have a covered walkway so that buyers don’t get wet whilst browsing. This addition can be removed on sunnier days, but the stalls can still stay covered.

With enough space to accommodate a large number of sellers there is no early queuing to get a pitch and the starting price is a reasonable £5 per car (extra for vans and trailers unless using a covered stall when it is one fixed price).

There is a large footfall to the site, many from the nearby events such as Classic Car shows, equestrian events, etc. as well as from the regular shops that are also nearby include antiques, fabric and pets.  There is also entertainment laid on to keep the kids amused.

For more information see our listing at

De-Clutter By Car Boot Sale


It’s one of the great unsolved mysteries of life you know. Learned people have spent years and enormous sums in Government grants researching the phenomenon. Actually that last bit might not be exactly true but you can bet that some university, somewhere in the USA, will have such research in progress! What is this phenomenon, this unsolved mystery?

It’s clutter, or rather the speed with which clutter accumulates in human dwelling places. If mankind could only isolate the true cause of the phenomenon we’d be on the way to discovering how to prevent it in the first place. As it is, all we can do is try to keep up with it by means of periodic clear-outs, which is where the car boot sale can help.

The phenomenon is not new by any means. I’m quite old now and I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have clutter and I’m sure it goes back very much farther than that. In fact I suspect the Romans of introducing it to these shores after 55BC. They would have arrived bringing chariot loads of clutter with them and before long it would have spread to the native population like a disease.


Have you noticed that when you move house you get rid of most of the clutter that has accumulated since your last move, but nine times out of ten you take with you some stuff that you haven’t used in ages but can’t bear to get rid of?


Therein lies the possible cause of the problem. It would have started when you first moved out from your parents’ home to live independently. Just one or two items that might come in handy one day, that’s all it takes and you’re doomed!  From then on, each time you move you do the same thing only the number of items grows each time. These are the seeds from which the next lot of clutter grows.


Of course, it’s all very well saying that our own actions may be the possible cause of the phenomenon but finding the cause of the cause, that’s what baffles even modern science. It seems to be something in the human psyche and maybe one day, years and millions of pounds down the line scientists may find the answer, but don’t hold your breath!


Meanwhile,   the car boot sale is one the more recent additions to our armoury of weapons to combat the dreaded clutter and it’s a very effective one when properly deployed. The car boot sale has a long and distinguished lineage as we’ve explored before. I reckon those Romans probably held Chariot Sales up and down the country.


Whether they did or not, we now have the car boot sale to help us de-clutter our homes and we should use them to the full. What better way can there be to rid yourself of unused items than to sell them on to other people for money? Buying at car boot sales as well as selling may mean you end up with just as much clutter as you started with so be careful to buy only what you can actually use or to stock your car boot for the next sale when you’ve sold all your original stuff.


In car boot sales have we finally found the answer to the clutter problem? Maybe, maybe not, maybe all we’re doing is moving the clutter around to different people, spreading the disease as it were. But hey! Who cares anyway? It’s great fun doing it and doesn’t actually harm anyone and it just might save someone from serious injury or worse. Remember the reports quite recently of the chap who was crushed in his bed by 25 years or more worth of yachting magazines stored in his loft when the ceiling collapsed under the weight.


The moral of that story surely is, don’t let things like that keep accumulating until they bury you. Get them to a car boot sale in good time and make some money from them. You can always start collecting again!  

Article provided by freelance copywriter, Pete Hopper of Write for You

Car Boot of the Month April 2013 - Ashley Heath, Dorset

Now over 25 years old, Ashley Heath Car Boot Sale (nr Ringwood in Dorset) is perhaps the best known car boot fair in the Poole/Bournemouth area and attracts an average of 300 sellers per week. It regularly sees between 2,000 and 3,000 enthusiastic buyers through its gates on a Sunday morning.

Originally started to diversify the farm’s income it has seen a steady increase in buyers and sellers from all walks of life and now employs 12 people to assist with it’s smooth running.

The operators say that their biggest challenge in running a car boot of this size is getting everyone on site on a busy day without causing disruption on the roads….something many car boot operators can relate to.

Furthermore, being an entirely outdoor carboot, with little protection from the elements, their weekly success is rather weather dependent, leaving them wishing for nice weather for the weekends. Their busiest weekends tend to be in May and September but with the British weather being as it is these days it is becoming more and more unpredictable.

They advertise only in the local press and on, as well as relying heavily on word of mouth. However, that word of mouth clearly works as the car boot sale community is usually quick to pass on information about professionally run car boot sales such as this.

So, if you are looking for a car boot sale on the edge of Dorset and not too far away from the New Forest then consider the Ashley Heath car boot sale.  A well organised, flat and level site with good toilets, a large selection of sellers and buyers (the largest in the area), plenty of parking and good access and egress from the site.

To find further information click here: