Car Boot Junction


Adventure Golf Island, Whimbrel Place, Dulloch, Dunfermline, Dunfermlineshire, KY11 8EX

Type:   Outdoor

Held on:   Sunday

Seller start time:   10.00am

Buyer arrival time:   10.30am

From/To:   Jan to Jun

Frequency:   Regular

Seller fee:   Car sellers £3.00 Van sellers £4.00

Entry fee:   Adult entry £0.00 Child entry £0.00

Refreshments:   Yes

Toilets:   Yes

Disabled access:   Yes

Disabled parking:   Yes

Disabled toilets:   Yes

Average no. of sellers:   No details

Operators name:   No details

Contact telephone:   No details

Contact email:   Email Fife

Website:   No details

British Heart Foundation scheme:   N/A

Listing last updated:   06-03-2015

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