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If you are interested in advertising your business on we recommend you read the following for an overview of the different advertising and promotional solutions we offer, before emailing us with your requirements at

NB This page does NOT apply to car boot operators wishing to promote their car boot sale. That service is FREE. Please register for free on our site and then add your car boot sale. Your listing will appear immediately on our site. If you wish to enhance your listing (e.g. by adding additional photos) or boost it up the search results click here for more information

We have recently upgraded the software that delivers our advertising and are now able to offer very flexible solutions to meet the needs of most businesses and their budgets.

Flexible Placement

Throughout the site we have a number of display ads or banners. You may have clicked on one to arrive at this page. The available sizes are as follows:

You may choose to use all of these sizes, only one or a combination thereof. Some of the sizes are restricted to certain areas of the site so if in doubt by all means ask. You can also choose whether to run your ads on a specific page, across a selection of pages or even the whole site.

Flexible Terms

You choose the terms to suit you:

Flexible Budget

You choose the budget to suit you as well!

Subject to where you wish your ads to be placed we have placements available from as little as £0.50 per 1000 impressions or £0.10 per click. Furthermore, we are always happy to negotatiate rates for unusued inventory. Equally some of our more competitive placements can be secured for a higher fee (at the time of writing approx. £3.55 per 1000 impressions or £0.40 per click). We can even set things up so that your ads only appear when no one else is willing to pay more than you so that you take advantage of premium space at a lower cost.

Flexible Customisation

You choose when, how and to whom your ads appear. For example, do you only want your ads to display to people in a particular area within certain times of day? We can do that. Do you only want your ads to appear to people using Google Chrome or people using Smartphones? We can accommodate that as well. If you have specific requirements, let us know and we'll always try and find a way to serve your ads to the right people.

Graphic Design Services

We appreciate that not everyone has their own in house designer or the skills to create their own display advertising. We have teamed up with The Big Bright Idea who will be happy to help you create that perfect ad to drive more traffic to your website. They offer the following preferential rates for advertisers. Just drop them an email with your requirements at

Static Banners - £60 for first banner and £50 for each subsequent banner. Substantial discount available for full suite.

Animated Banners - £80 for first banner and £70 for each subsequent banner. Substantial discount available for full suite.

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